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Monday, February 05, 2007

Don't placed water inside the bedroom

Most chinese belived in feng shui for love. When a chinese couple planned of getting married, a auspious day has to be chosen following the couple animal signs. Times plays a very important on the wedding day as the time to fetch the bride and the auspious ceremony. Placement of a picture of dragon and phoenix at the room to indigate strong love.

Water placed inside the bedroom is a bad sign as water is a element and its clashes with element that symbols a vital role in ones love life. I had a friend, a loving couple and a happy family. Lately they had alot of quarrel with each other and even their sex life are turning sour. The wife file a divorce, asking for the children and monthly allowance.

Happened one day he met a friend who is very good in feng shui and invited him to his house. The man shake his head and said no wonder your love life is turning worse. How can you put aquarium and life fish in your bedroom as water destroy love life. Removed his aquarium to the living room and now his love life is back with his wife and children staying together, no more worry about divorce and back a loving family. Belived in feng shui of love.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

feng shui enhance love - marriage rescue II

Many thing can cause a marriage to go sour...

Do you have any reflective surface object/s in your bedroom? Reflective surfaces object like mirrors, televisions, computer screens and etc.

These reflective surfaces object should be allowed to face the marital bed directly. It'll ruin your relationship or sex life in the bedroom.

Therefore, if you have any of these things room which facing directly to your bed, you can cover it up after used.

feng shui enhance love - marriage rescue

A no-no thing for feng shui to rescue your marriage.

First, I would say, do not have a water feature in the bedroom.

Water feature such as fountains, aquariums paintings with river, waterfalls and lakes but glasses of water by the bedside are fine.

No doubt water feature is a good acticator for wealth luck but it's a no-no thing to activate it in your bedroom.

Placing or activating the presence of water leads to loss. The loss can be the loss of money and loss of relationships like the married couple becomes stale or quarrel most of the time.